Sodium Gluconate Supplier

Our Principals

Our principals are leading manufacturers of global repute having their presence and manufacturing in various countries viz. India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam, Korea, Japan etc .Furthermore we would like to mention that all of our suppliers have a state of art manufacturing facilities accredited by the local authorities in their respective countries. They have obtained certifications from various international organisations like ISI, Orthodox Union (KOSHER), HALAL, ISO 18000 - 22000, HACCP Certified, etc, which ensures best quality of products.

Aditya Birla Chemicals India Limited
Thirumalai Chemicals Limited
Solaris Chemtech Industries Limited
Weifang Ensign Co Ltd Weifang Ensign Industry Co ltd.
Ducgiang Detergent & Chemical Co Ltd.

Our Customers

Our customers / clients are leading business conglomerates in India across various industries including, Instant food & Beverages manufacturers, Dairy, Edible Oil Refining, Phosphates Manufacturers (Feed, Pharma etc), Water Treatment Chemicals, Food & Flavors manufacturers, Metal treatment & Electroplating and many more.